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About Us


Are you ready to open your mind and explore the creative combinations and diverse ingredients that nature has to offer? YES!? Then welcome on board, you are now a YES! taste explorer!

Woman holding YES! Bar


Our story began when we were trying to find a tasty snack with a surprising twist that we could enjoy anytime, anywhere, but nothing quite hit the mark! So, we turned to nature for help! Nature helped us explore all the amazing ingredients.

almonds, chia seeds and raspberries exploding ingredients

We got so excited with all the amazing combinations of ingredients that we decided to craft our own snack. It needed to have an AWESOME taste! We wanted to create a GREAT bar and we did it! That’s how YES!® was born.

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When creating our great tasting bars, we made sure there was something for everyone! Our nut bars are suitable for vegetarians, are source of protein and high in fibre and  our fruit bars are vegan with no added sugars. Ah!...and all of our snack bars are also gluten free! Our delicious, tasty bars suit all of our snack-lovers!

Dark chocolate, sea salt and almond nut bar and raspberry and chia seed fruit bar


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Please recycle

We need your help to close the circle, ensuring that all YES!® paper wrappers will end in the right paper recycling bin! Let´s join forces and help nature together!

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UTZ cocoa

As nature lovers, our determination to preserve and protect nature is a never-ending mission. For that reason, the cocoa in our nut bars comes from sustainable sources and is UTZ certified, ensuring a better quality of life for cocoa farmers.

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Paper wrapper

We are proud to say that all of our YES!® snack bars are wrapped in recyclable paper, sourced from sustainable forests.

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