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made with naturally sourced ingredients!

Bring some excitement to your tastebuds with our great-tasting fruit bars. They are naturally colourful and can take you on a new snacking adventure. Plus, our bars are vegan, with no added sugars* and they count as one of your five-a-day (score!). 

* Contain naturally occurring sugars.


our yes! FRUIT bars

Beetroot & Apple Fruit Bar

Mmm! Enjoy a taste adventure with earthy beetroot and tangy apple in this delicious, softly chewy fruit bar.

raspberry and chia seeds bar 1

Raspberry & Chia Seed Fruit Bar

The most scrumptious blast of berry you’ll ever get, packed with fibre and tastiness, but no added sugar, colour, flavouring or preservatives AND it’s gluten and lactose-free! How can you resist?

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Coffee, Dark Chocolate & Cherry Nut Bar

Boom! Make snack time exciting with the combo of coffee, cherry and dark chocolate in this delicious nut bar.


Dark Chocolate, Sea Salt & Almond Nut bar

Say YES! to the salty-sweet combination of peanuts and almonds, woven with sea salt and deliciously dark couverture chocolate.

banana and pecan bar

Dark Chocolate, Banana & Pecan Fruit & Nut bar

Say YES!® to the crunchy taste of pecan nuts, with the delightful combination of banana and dark chocolate.


Cranberry & Dark Chocolate Nut Bar

Flavourful cranberries collide with crunchy almonds and peanuts, and deliciously dark couverture chocolate. Who could have imagined that wholesome snacking could be this tasty?